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5 Benefits of Collaboration

Collaboration is a key skill of musicians. The benefits of collaboration are numerous – and collaboration with other musicians can help to push your career in music to new heights. Here are five benefits of musical collaboration. 

Greater Recognition 

By collaborating with other artists, you can effectively link your fanbases together, creating greater recognition for both you and the artists you choose to work with. Collaboration has often launched lesser-known musicians into the public eye, generating accolades and sometimes dramatic fanbase expansion – so for this reason alone, collaboration is well worth your time!

A More Complete Vision

Sometimes a musical vision can only be completed by working with other artists or bands. If you're writing a track that you think would be perfected by a certain instrument or voice, seeking out other artists to work with can help you perfect your vision and produce better work.

Better Musicianship 

Very often, collaboration presents opportunities to learn as well as to create. Maybe your bowing isn't as good as you'd like; maybe you've encountered certain limitations with singing that you want to address. Perfecting a collaboration can drive musicians to address their own unique limitations and stretch the boundaries of what they are capable of musically – and challenging those limitations makes for better musicianship under any circumstance. 

Networking Opportunities 

Through collaboration, you may find that the artists you're working with can introduce you to yet other artists – even ones you might already know and admire. Networking is vital to career in expansion in every professional field, and music is no exception – and by forming working relationships with other artists, you will forge new connections with every collaboration.

More Sales

Collaborations can drive sales of your music, in no small part due to fanbase linking and greater recognition. Some musicians generate income almost exclusively through collaborations with other musicians, such as Ayreon or Mark Ronson. If you're a money-minded musician – and most are – collaborations are an excellent way to enhance your income potential.

From better playing to higher income, collaborations benefit musicians in many ways – and collaborating can help you create and sustain a high-profile (and high-paying) career in the performing arts.

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