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5 Lucrative Minors for Music Majors

Even with a degree in music, obtaining work with precisely the role you want can be hard. However, with a properly-chosen minor along with your music degree, you can dramatically increase your chances of doing something within the music industry that still fits your interests and professional goals. Here are five lucrative minors for music majors.


A minor in psychology opens up several opportunities both academically and professionally. A music major who minors in psychology may work as an activities director for children or the elderly, work in arts management or marketing, and later may apply for master's degree programs in music therapy. Many music majors with psych minors wind up in music therapy, which is one of the best-paying professions for musicians to date (and as a field, is growing significantly beyond most other music-focused professions).


A music degree with a marketing minor can help the degree holder obtain work in the fields of arts management and marketing, much like a psychology minor can. Music majors who complete minors in marketing may find themselves managing bands, serving as social media and digital marketing coordinators for record companies, music shops and music schools, and a host of other jobs where the arts and advertisement meet. Marketing can be an extremely lucrative field, making a marketing minor one of the best for money-minded music majors. 


A minor in history may not seem the most immediate choice for income potential, but a music degree holder with a minor in history may find work opportunities in a variety of fields from archival preservation to museum curation. Music majors with history minors may also serve in academic capacities, from research to instruction in music history – and those who wish to teach may go on to complete advanced degrees in music history, which – due to its uncommonality – can result in well-paid work in the music history arena.

Business and Entrepreneurship

For music majors intent on being their own boss, a business minor grants a fantastic opportunity to not only be hired at independent music shops and companies, but the expertise to found their own music-focused business later on. A minor in entrepreneurship is particularly helpful to the musician who wants to spend their working years self-employed – and can help their companies to be more successful later on.

Computer Science

For music majors that love technology, a computer science minor can lead them to professional opportunities creating music-related apps, writing music-based software, or helping to troubleshoot and maintain technological resources in every environment from recording studios to application design companies. Computer science and music might seem at odds with one another at first glance, but as the link between music and technology grows increasingly stronger, computer science presents many lucrative opportunities to the music major. 

No matter where your interests lie, one of these minors can help you shape a career in music that reflects your passion – and keeps your bank account happy.

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