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Four Benefits of Live Streaming

Live streaming is an immensely popular method of broadcasting live performance or events, and more and more musical acts are turning to live streaming to engage their fans in real time – especially those who can't attend concerts in person. Here are four benefits of live streaming for musicians.

It Creates Urgency

If you've ever been on Facebook and seen the notification “X is live now,” you'll know firsthand the sense of urgency that live streaming can create. Getting those popups on whatever platform they're browsing will let your fans know that something cool, fun, or interesting is happening right now – and that they should tune in to check it out. Creating that sense of urgency is a wonderful way to get fans to interact with your content – and stay connected.

It Can Be Monetized

Live streaming via a variety of platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube – can be monetized. If you have a wide-reaching fanbase geographically, offering live streaming options for concerts and tours can be a great way to allow fans to see you perform live – while netting you some decent cash. Whether you monetize and live stream all your shows or just a few every now and again, it will boost your band's finances handsomely, especially if you're doing consistent marketing to build your fanbase.

It Creates More Engagement

More engagement with your band's content will eventually translate to more sales – of show tickets, albums, and merch. Live streaming, especially if you do it regularly, is a great way to increase your fanbase's engagement with your non-live content, like posts, videos, and online listening platforms. Increased engagement means increased income down the line – and so just like monetizing your live streams, it will contribute to your band's financial success.

More Exposure

Live streams are a great way for your fans to learn more about you and your work, and what you're offering in terms of performance and engagement. You never know who's going to be watching a live stream – and sometimes, live streaming can engage the kind of viewer that can offer your band new opportunities.

Whether you do it once a month or once a year, live streaming is an incredibly valuable tool in your band's marketing tacklebox – and using it effectively will help to build your fanbase and your earnings for years to come.


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