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How To Make Money On Your Music Online

Making money from selling music online isn't the easiest of tasks. However, with diligence, determination, and a smart marketing plan, it's absolutely possible to achieve a life just making and selling your music. Check out these critical methods to successfully selling music online.

Music Selling Platforms

Lots of online platforms exist for the express purpose of selling your music - often for a revenue share post-sale instead of an upfront fee. Bandcamp is one of the best and most popular, due to its comprehensive user interface, ability for the user to set their own price per album, and a fairly low revenue share. Some other platforms to explore include Tunecore, CDBaby, and Shopify, all of which have multiple options for disseminating your music online.

Custom Songwriting

Are you an expert songwriter? Amazing at lyrics writing? Great at producing synthlines, beats, or vocalises? You can make some decent cash doing custom songwriting. Sia got her start in the music industry doing custom songwriting, and eventually wound up writing music for some of the industry's biggest stars - Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry, to name a few.

You can start out writing custom songs for your fans, or contribute material to a selling platform like Pond5. Whatever method you choose, it's a great way to get some money coming in - all while doing what you do already.


Giving private or group lessons is many a musician's bread and butter, especially for those who play more than one instrument. Whether you teach at a home studio or with a local music shop, private instruction is typically a fairly well-paying job and can be adapted to almost any work schedule depending on the clientele you choose to take on.


Youtube is another platform to explore for potential revenue streams - but only if you already have a significant following. YouTube now requires a large number of views and subscribers to start issuing revenue to YouTubers. If you're prepared to spend a lot of time making and marketing videos, or you already have a decent following, YouTube can make for a decent revenue stream - or at the very least a good side hustle.


Incorporating a music and merchandise shop into your main band website can help you establish a passive income stream. BandVista offers fantastic merchandising options to assist you in establishing that revenue, so if you've signed up with BandVista, make sure to explore those options!


Advertising via social media platforms, like Facebook or Wordpress, can be helpful in establishing greater awareness of your music and selling more music, merchandise, and show tickets. While advertising requires some upfront investment, it's worth exploring - especially if you already have a decent local or regional following.

Online Tip Jar

From Patreon and Ko-Fi to Paypal, having an online tip jar is a great way to establish small but regular amounts of income. Encourage your fans to leave a few dollars now and then if they can, and make sure they know where to find it via direct link.

No matter what your financial goals with your music are, BandVista's many platform options can help you reach them - check it out now!

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