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5 apps that can help you in the studio

The incredible expansion of technology has made recording and audio engineering easier than ever – faster, more cohesive, and with less stress. Even for those on a tight budget, a wide range of technological tools and apps are available to serve every function from tuning to vocals adjustment. Here are five apps that can help you in the studio.

DaTuner Lite 

DaTuner Lite is a lightweight but extremely capable tuning application available to Android users. With an easy-to-read and comprehensive interface, this application tunes every instrument to perfection – not only giving a metered read of the pitch but identifying the ghz rate of the note you're playing. If you're a classical musician or guitarist, this app is a must-have.


Another Android app, the Andronome is a free metronome app that allows you to set any beat per minute you want – even odd-numbered rhythm settings. Easy to use and with a large, easy-to-read user interface, Andronome is fantastic for learning new pieces and setting rhythms for ones you're producing.


Available for iPhone users, this handy little app is just for singers – a compact and visually simplistic application, LaDiDa provides on-the-spot pitch correction and autotune, making it a fantastic application for pop and R+B singers. The app helps not only to correct faulty pitch, but to smooth out rougher patches in vocalization – especially useful if the singer happens to be a little sick that day!


If you're the kind of musician who likes to make field recordings – birds, animals, the sounds of trains and people talking – the SoundCloud app is for you. While out and about, you can record sounds directly into the cloud and upload it for later – and once you're back in the studio, you can log into the SoundCloud main site and download it for use in your music.

Musical Piano 

Offering up both free and paid options, the Musical Piano app for Android gives the user a virtual piano and keyboard with eight MIDI instruments at the basic level and one hundred and twenty-eight instruments, wireless playback, and piano recording at the paid level. While Musical Piano might be more of a fun tool than a brass-tacks kind of application, its capability at the paid level offers up some serious-business options.

Every one of these apps offers something different for all different kinds of musicians – so pull out your smartphone and check them out!

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