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5 People You Don't Want A Band With

Everyone knows that, when it comes to forming a band, one bad apple really can spoil the whole bunch. That’s why you have to invest a significant amount of time in auditioning potential band members. Here are a few examples of the kind of people you should avoid in your band:


The No Show

Obviously, there are times when being late or absent cannot be avoided, but there is a big difference in those occasions and the ones that happen consistently. This isn’t only unprofessional, but it is also very unfair to the rest of your band. without everyone in attendance, you are not going to be able to practice to the fullest. Even if they are just late they will end up wasting a lot of your time. And you have to remember that if they are late or a “no show” for practice they will be late or absent to shows. Behavior like this can get your band a bad name very quickly.


The Egotist

Probably the most common personality on this list when it comes to musicians, the egotist can be discovered very easily. Is there one person speaking so loudly that no other member of the band can contribute to the discussion? Is someone’s instrument turned up so high that it drowns out all the others? That person is likely your egotist, and they can be very destructive to your band. If you are purposefully seeking out someone who will call all the shots for your band then go ahead and add the egotist to your lineup, otherwise, look the other direction.

They will have a difficult time taking any constructive criticism on their own performance or any advice on the direction of the band. The egotist is definitely not a team player, and will make it difficult for more mild-mannered band members to voice their opinions.


The Drama Queen

You know this one. The are the ones that burst into practice or a show in a blaze of emotions and drama. They have a hard time focusing because they just have too much going on at home. It could be anything: rent is due, they drank too much last night, their boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with them, ect. The list could go on and on, and it will hinder the productivity of your band. It is really important that your band knows how to leave it all at the door once it is time to participate. All the other stuff can be addressed after hours.

This person will also turn up to shows or practice totally drunk and/or high. That is unhealthy for them, and it’s unhealthy for your band image. Venues do not book sloppy bands for shows and you will quickly get blacklisted as soon as your bandmate does something crazy like throwing up on stage.


The Dangerously Shy One

This person has little to no self-confidence and that can hold you back your band in the long run. This person is crushed by constructive criticism and will take it personally most of the time. They will not be able to contribute during band discussions for fear of having their ideas rejected. This person may not seem that destructive to a band, but when you think about how you could have one more passionate, vocal member of your band instead it adds up.  


The Abdicator

This one could go by a few titles like “the lazy one” or “the shirker”. This person is magically never around when you are loading or unloading equipment. They are also not around when you are setting up, or doing any kind of grunt work. They are not willing to do any of the heavy lifting, but want all the glory of being on stage. This is a good way to piss off the rest of your band because if you are abdicating your duties then you are just creating more work for them to do. No one likes cramming drum sets into the back of someone’s hatchback, but someone has to do it. The abdicator does not carry their own weight and it gets old fast.


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