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Band Website Design Ideas & Inspiration

From visual appeal to ease of access, every website has a formula for success. If you're working on building a great band website, keep reading for some of the most important criteria to keep in mind when you're designing it.


Readability is absolutely vital to a good band website. That means utilizing reader-friendly fonts that aren't too messy or stylized, grammatically sound sentences, and appropriate paragraph structure. If your website isn't highly readable, your visitors won't bother to read what's on it - and subsequently you'll probably lose sales.


More users than ever access websites via their mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Your website should be optimized for mobile-friendly viewing to encourage users to stay on your website once they navigate to it either by direct link or via hotlink from your social media outlets.

BandVista can help you make your website super mobile-friendly using an array of templates that you can incorporate into your website, so make sure to check them out if you're using BandVista to build your band website.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia content - the addition of music, videos, and photos - are critically important to a good band website. BandVista's site builder provides easy-to-use functions to implement these content items into your website, so from band photos to YouTube videos, you'll be able to add multimedia content that provides interest and stimulation to your fans!


Incorporating a digital playlist into your website is absolutely indispensable. You can embed playlists from a variety of platforms, including SoundCloud. However, make sure that autoplay is disabled when implementing your playlist - autoplay annoys the majority of web users, and very often they'll immediately navigate away from your site if autoplay is enabled.


Having professional-grade, high-res photos on your website is another key to a good band website. Potential fans, promoters, and venue managers will want to see what you look like - and individuals who book your band will want to download your photos to put them up on event pages on social media and their own websites.

If you're short on money for photos, see if you can arrange a work trade with an up-and-coming photographer (or ask your bandmates if they have photography skills!).


Videos are another great way to engage and entertain fans and visitors to your website. BandVista provides easy functionality to implement your band's videos, so if you have music or interview videos, make sure you include them!

Contact & Booking Info

Make sure your contact and booking info is on your website - and most importantly, is easy for visitors to find. Having a clearly marked contact section that contains your band's and booking agent's email will help talent scouts and promoters to book you easily, resulting in more shows, more merch sales, more fans, and more revenue.

Social Media

Your social media channels should be hotlinked on your website, whether on the header panel or in its own special section on the site. If you produce a newsletter, also include an easy signup method on your website so fans can get updates on shows, new releases, new merch, and tours.

Calls-To-Action (CTA)

From Patreon donations to Facebook follows, make sure to include clear calls to action to your fans and promoters. Websites with calls to action tend to result in greater social media traffic and engagement, and can help boost show attendance in merch and music sales.

Organizing a good band website doesn't have to be difficult, and BandVista can help you create a visually appealing and well-structured website that will serve as a vital resource for your band's success. If you haven't signed up yet, try it today!

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