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How To Sell Your Music Online

From hard copy CDs to digital-only releases, there are more ways to sell your music online than ever before. Each method has its own advantages depending on your audience, your budget, and your long-term goals. Check out these five methods of selling your music online.

Sell Physical Albums

While digital distribution is still a huge part of the music market, lots of music fans like to have physical copies of their favorite albums. Vinyl distribution has seen a tremendous resurgence in recent years, and companies that have not produced vinyl albums or record players for years have begun producing them again. Some bands have enjoyed tremendous success producing limited-edition vinyl prints and CDs.

Digital Downloads & Streaming

Digital downloads and streaming are the principle means by which many music fans enjoy music. Whether you sell digital downloads via your band website's online shop or put your music on streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, and LastFM, all are easy and inexpensive or free methods of getting your music out into the world - and sold.

Third Party Platforms

Third party platforms are companies that will carry your digital release and take a small percentage of the sales prices when they sell, or produce your CDs for a small fee or even for free and take a percentage when the hard copies sell. DistroKid, CDBaby, and Bandcamp are all great examples of third party platforms that help artists get their music into distribution for a low or no upfront cost.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising via platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram can help get the word about your new release out fast. If you have some marketing money to invest, digital advertising can help boost album sales significantly. However, if you're just starting out or don't have a lot of money to invest, utilizing digital advertising campaigns might not be the best move.

Discounts and Special Releases

If you've having trouble moving units - or it's a particular time of year, like the holiday gifting season - putting your album on sale or putting out a special release can be great ways to get your music sold. For example, setting your Bandcamp discography to "Name Your Price" can be a fantastic way to get in last-minute sales at the end of the fiscal year, as can exclusive releases via platforms like Patreon.

No matter what your sales goals are with your music, each of these methods can help you sell more music - as can working with BandVista! Check out BandVista today to see how it can help you propel your music career - and album sales - to the next level.

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