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5 Great Resources for Music Students

Being a music student is a challenge for a lot of reasons – not least of which is finding comprehensive resources to help you advance your theoretical skills (or your music library). If you're a music student – or a pro musician looking to improve your chops – here are five great resources to explore.

Teoria is a fantastic resource for classical musicians to advance their music theory and meta skills. It offers up tutorials, exercises, articles and more for any and all musicians who want either a refresher course or brand-new exposure. It's free, but you can donate to support its maintenance if you love it.

Children's Music Workshop

Don't let the name fool you. Children's Music Workshop isn't just for kids – it's chock-full of highly comprehensive exercises and tutorials on everything from intervals training to sight singing and ear training drills. The best part? You can test yourself on almost every skill to see how you're measuring up, and you can choose how many questions per drill or exercise you want to do.


IMSLP is hands-down the biggest free resource for sheet music. This incredible database has been called the classical musician's best friend, and that's a great way to describe it – you can download hundreds upon thousands of different pieces in the public domain, from operas and art songs to oratorios and string concertos. No matter what instrument you play, IMSLP will have lots of great repertoire for you to download and study – or to assign to your students if you teach.

Musician's Health

This one is pretty straightforward – Musician's Health concerns itself with the holistic health of all musicians, and contains articles and advice on health issues from vocal nodes to carpal tunnel in piano players. Whether you need advice on nutrition, preventing injury or treating a current malady, Musician's Health is the place to go.

“What Makes a Great...?” Series on YouTube

This amazing series just for singers discusses great singers of the past and present, their achievements, and their challenges. Featuring singers like Diana Damrau and Placido Domingo, this beautifully produced video series will offer both student and professional singers historical insight and inspiration into their craft.

Whether you're tackling your first jury or are years past your master's degree, these resources will help you keep your musical chops up – as well as that of your current or future students.

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