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5 Reasons to be Involved In Your Local Music Scene

Starting a band in your hometown can be a lonely experience at first until you start to build up a dedicated fan base. The best way to fill that void and have a better experience as a band is to connect with your local music scene and really get involved. The benefits of surrounding yourself with others that are working towards the same goal as you are plenty. Here are just a few in case you need some persuading:



Connecting with other bands and those involved in the music scene in your town can provide and endless well of support for you in time of need. You never know when you are going to have an emergency like a busted amp or a broken down vehicle, but, if you make some meaningful connections within your local music scene, it is much less likely to be a serious problem.

There will also be times when you may not know exactly how to obtain the sound you are looking for or where to go with a song that you are stuck on. Having other musicians to call during these times can be a huge relief.



Trying to get your foot in the door at a venue or concert series can be near impossible if you live in an area that is already saturated with bands and musicians trying to make it. The best way to get your name out there is by knowing other people that are already connected with the venues, promoters, and community leaders. Networking is possible the best perk of being heavily involved in your local music scene and it invaluable to the up-and-coming band.


Swap Meet

Do you need a new distortion pedal that will give you that sound you have been striving for, but don’t have the funds to head to the store to buy a brand new one? Being in contact with others that play the same instrument as you quickly pays off when you are able to buy off some of their old equipment that they don’t need anymore. You could even organize a swap meet for all the local musicians that you know in the area, and really score some great deals. You can also get rid of some of your own equipment that you have outgrown and make a few bucks!


Fan Base

In the beginning days of your band, you will have little to no fans that are interested in keeping up with your music. Other musicians, often times, will be your biggest fans starting out. Not only will they be regulars at your shows, but they will also tell their fans about you and tell them about your shows. Established fans are typically very open to the opinions of some of their favorite musicians on other music, so getting some more established musicians in your area to give you a shout out at their shows or on their social media goes a long way.


Hometown Love

No matter how far your band goes, or doesn’t go, your hometown fans will always be the most loyal and the most enthusiastic about your music. They will always be the ones to buy your music first, and go to your shows every chance they get. That’s why the most important reason to build a strong connection to your local music scene is for these hometown fans. If you are good to them, they will be good for your and help spread your music far and wide.


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