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5 Reasons to Maintain an Active Blog for your Band

Blogging is a simple and low-cost form of marketing – but not all musicians recognize the inherent value of having a blog for and about their act. Blogging can help to establish your band or act as a brand – and in addition, it gives you in-depth content to plug in to your social media channels. Here are five reasons you should maintain an active blog for your band.

It's Easy

Blogging is one of the easiest forms of marketing you can possibly engage in. Most blogging platforms are highly comprehensive and easy to use (Including your BandVista blog tool) and a good blog post can be cooked up in almost no time at all. With decent writing technique and some engaging images, a good blog post can be as satisfying to read as a good book or article. 

It's Low-Cost

The vast majority of blogging platforms offer free options, or extremely low-cost options, like the one included in your BandVista subscription. Because it essentially amounts to a free marketing resource, it's one of the marketing tools musicians should be most actively using, especially if they're on a budget. 

It Creates Instantly Shareable Content 

A lot of blogging platforms offer instant sharing tools to a variety of social media platforms once you've completed a post – so once you've written the post and tagged it accordingly, you can instantly share it to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and any number of other social media platforms. Some blogging platforms even allow you to schedule the time and date it will post a link to the social media platforms you're using, making your band's non-targeted marketing more effective. 

It Can Become a Learning Resource

If you're a professional musician, writing about your band's work and experience can translate into a living learning resource for other musicians, promoters, and other music industry professionals. It goes without saying that this takes a good deal of time; however, that time is an investment in your professional reputation and marketing efforts that can translate into increased opportunities over time, whether for performance, composition, or instruction.

It Increases Social Media Engagement 

Because sharing blog posts is so incredibly easy, blogging regularly is a fantastic way to increase engagement on your band's website  and social media platforms. Marketing research shows that increased social media engagement translates to increased sales and income later on – and subsequently maintaining a blog is a worthy investment of your time.

So why wait? Start or update your blog now when you login or create a new site with BandVista by using the buttons below. 

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