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5 Ways Music Can Aid a Community

Music is a powerful force to bring people together. And like most such forces, it operates in a number of ways to unify people. Music can comfort people in despair. It can give of itself to save lives. It can bring many together under a common banner to better the world. Here are five ways music can aid a community.


Chances are you've either been to a fundraising concert or heard about one happening in your town. Concerts are organized for all manner of purposes, from helping to pay for a child's cancer treatment to paying for new water systems in townships. Whole music festivals are organized around charity for various causes, whether it's to improve the educational system or help a hospital improve their infrastructure.

Lifting Spirits

Music, among its many functions, has the ability to lift people up in times of distress or despair. A lot of studies have taken place on music's effect on the human psyche, and just about every study has found that music makes us feel better. It helps us process emotions, and it helps to comfort us when we are down, angry, depressed or grieving. This is among the reasons live music is so popular – experiencing that lifting of spirits around others experiencing the same thing intensifies it.

Spreading Awareness

Music has the power to create awareness of lots of things, from political and social issues to global health issues and food shortages. Helping to increase awareness of an issue, particularly on the local level, is one of the many things music can do to draw people together to solve a problem.


Sometimes, music festivals and concerts are aimed at getting people fired up – they serve as calls to action. Whether it's directed at getting people out to vote or encouraging people to help clean up the city streets, music can motivate people to make their communities a better place.

Creating Bonds and Friendships

Almost everyone who goes to shows has friends that they've made through the power of music. Bonding together over something you really love can create intense friendships – ones that may last a lifetime. It can help musicians create professional connections, too – some of which can be life-changing. Music is a unifying force on a number of fronts, and that power shows in its communities.

Music represents one of the most potent ways in which people can come together for the common good. If you're a musician, you can help harness this power to better your community – and the world.

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