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5 Ways To Care For Your Voice

Everyone knows how vital great vocalists are to any band. They are on the forefront of the stage and are the face of your band. For all these reasons and more, it is absolutely imperative that vocalists take care of their voices before, after, and in between shows and rehearsals. In the event of an emergency, it is difficult to find a stand in for your vocalist that will give your audience the experience they are expecting, so follow these simple tips to keeping your vocals in top shape for every show.



Your voice is just like any muscle and you need to work it out regularly for it to be at it’s best. The saying goes that if you don’t use it you’ll lose it, and that is definitely the last thing you want for your singing voice. Set aside time where you don’t have anything else to do, and really focus on running through songs and exercises that challenge your abilities. You can find a lot of great workouts on Youtube or you can find numerous book that are specifically for vocal workouts.


Sauna For Your Voice

Humidity is the best environment for your voice. If you are fortunate enough to attend a gym that has a sauna, you should definitely take advantage of it for your vocal cords. If not, then there are several ways you can replicate it like standing over steaming water with a towel over your head or taking a really hot shower.

You can also purchase machines that do all the work for you like a humidifier or a steam inhaler. You will notice the soothing effects immediately and this will quickly become your favorite part of your routine.


Skip The Milk

Milk is a vocalists worst enemy. Avoid it at all costs. Drinking milk causes your saliva and mucus to thicken up to a point that become very difficult to sing or even speak clearly. This thick mucus covers your vocal cords, and makes them work even harder. If you can’t stay away from the stuff, just make sure to avoid it the day of your shows and rehearsals.


Eat Your Apples

An apple a day may keep the  doctor away, but it will also help your voice. They have the magic amount of acid in them that is low enough to be safe, but high enough to blast mucus from your vocal cords. This makes apples the perfect snack to have before and during rehearsals and shows.


Drink The Good Stuff

Not the good stuff that you might be that for after the show, but there are some things you need to be drinking beforehand that will help you out a lot. First of all is water. It is important for a number of reasons that you stay hydrated, but the one you should be focused on is that it keeps your vocal cords from drying out. As stated above, humid environments are the best for your voice. If you plan on smoking or drinking any alcohol, you will want to consume even more water as those things will dry out your vocal cords real quick.

Second, is hot tea. This is, by far, the most soothing thing you could drink for your voice. It really does wonders and should be a staple for you during and after shows. Make sure to drink decaf, though, as caffeinated tea will cause some dryness.


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