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5 Ways to Have an Unforgettable Show

One of the best ways to really set yourself apart from other bands and make a lasting impression on fans is by putting on a live show that is unforgettable. Providing a great show can make up for a multitude of shortcomings as well. If you don’t have to best vocals or best guitar solos around, a killer live performance can make up for that. Here are a few ways to bring your shows up to the next level:


Special Guests

Do you know anyone that performs in another local band, or just another artist that is popular locally. Consider bringing them on stage for a song or two as a special treat for the crowd. This simple act accomplishes a few different things. First, it makes that particular show special and unique from your other shows that the same crowd might have seen. Second, it makes people in the crowd feel like they are almost getting to attend two shows for the price of one! Lastly, it’s just fun for everyone to have some surprises tucked up your sleeve. No one likes going into a show knowing exactly what to expect.



Everyone loves free stuff. There is no exception to this rule. It could be anything t-shirts, posters, albums, picks, buttons; the possibilities are endless. You can do the giveaway in various different ways as well. You can have giveaways for the first or hundredth (or both) person at the show, random raffles, or simply make it all rain on the crowd during your show. Any way you do it, giveaways are sure to be a hit with everyone at the show.


Photo Booth

Having an area set up for photos is a really fun idea. Just pick a spot in the back to set up a backdrop and camera. You can have a laptop, tablet, or phone set up next to it to set up the timer that the show goers can operate themselves. Afterwards, you can have a mobile photo printer set up, or have an option display to have the photo emailed to the fans. It’s as simple as that. Bonus: Have a box of props set up at the photo booth for people to use in their photos. You can use anything from hats and signs to scarves and mustaches!   


Take Yourself Seriously

On a serious note, it is important that you take the show and yourself seriously during your performance. You need to make sure that you go into the show having had plenty of practice and rehearsal time. Everything should be tuned, set up, and ready when you get on stage ready to give it all. Play every show like your band’s future depends on it, and really focus on giving the crowd a show that they will walk away from and talk about for a long time.


Have Fun

Having said all that, make sure that you are having fun on stage. People can tell if you are not really into the set, and it’s going to set the mood for everyone there. Play up all your strengths and make sure to interact well with the crowd. Get them to participate and join in on the fun. After all that is why everyone is there in the first place: to hear some great music and have a good time!

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