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6 Places to Gig Beyond the Club

It can become repetitive playing the same clubs and bars in your area, especially if you live in a small area. It can also hinder you from getting your name out to people that are not interested in heading out to bars in their free time. One way to remedy all of this is by looking into different types of venues that your band can play. By doing this you will expand your fan base and show people that you can be versatile, opening up even more opportunities for your. Here are some suggestions that can get you started thinking outside the “normal” live music scene:



This may not seem obvious at first, but it is a great venue to get your music out to a new scene of people. I once arrived to a museum for their exhibits and found an amazing jazz band playing in the lounge area that was a perfect addition to my evening plans. Museums are all about the arts and culture; music has always been a huge contributing factor in both of these. Try reaching out to your cities museum to play a night that they highlight local artists.


Live Radio

You might have thought of this one, but performing live on local radio is a great way to get your music out to a lot of people at once while also having an opportunity to promote your band. Many colleges have radio stations that would be perfect for something like this. Many radio DJ’s are heavily involved in local music scenes anyways, whether that be performing or just attending, and are very interested in featuring new local talent.



Aside from appearing on their radio programs, many colleges look for local talent for events that they have on campus. It definitely pays to get in good with the event coordinator at your nearest colleges (and even high schools) to play at formals, events, and celebrations. This is also a great opportunity to play in front of a very influential demographic in the music scene.    


House Parties

A fan favorite, house parties are always fun and energetic. This is a perfect way to let people get familiar with your band on a very intimate level. This is also a great environment to test out some new material as well. Fans will love these shows because they will be able to get up close and personal with their favorite local band. All you need is some friends or contacts with a great, spacious house that they are willing to host your band in.


Corporate Shows

Here is a great opportunity to bring in some really good money for your band. Several corporations hire bands for events that they host to introduce a new product or program, and it could be a great chance for your band to introduce yourselves to a new group of people and network. Many companies also throw parties for their workers and families every year that would be another opportunity to work together.


Parks and Recreations

The Parks and Recreations Department in your town is another great outlet for shows that you could be using for your band. Many across the country host live music events showcasing local musicians during spring and summer. Get in contact with the event coordinator for your town and see what you can do about being added to the schedule. These events have huge potential for reaching a lot of people in your town that could start coming to your regular shows.   


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