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Composer Website Design Ideas & Templates

If you're a music composer, your first and primary focus should be showing visitors what you can do with your craft. From a biography detailing your experience and achievements to a webshop selling your recorded tracks, scores, and arrangements, creating an online hub to showcase your work is key to your longterm success - and cashflow - as a composer.


First and foremost, tell your website visitors what you've accomplished as a composer and songwriter. Make sure your bio is in third person perspective, and details where you've studied, your style foci, albums you've produced or written for, and any collaborations you've done with other musicians and composers. Your biography is a chance for you to show your musical and academic mettle - so don't skimp on details!


Establishing a webshop on your website is essential not only to creating a revenue stream, but to helping expand your audience. Encourage users who purchase your music or scores to give you a shout on their social media outlets so you can continue expanding your audience, and make sure you update your own outlets when you have something new in your shop.

Contact Info

Create a contact section on your website, and make sure to keep it updated. Include a current professional email address, links to your social media outlets, your LinkedIn, and anything else you think is relevant. Keeping your contact information current will help potential clients reach out to you regarding custom or contract work - both excellent revenue sources.

No matter what style of music you compose, BandVista can help you establish your online presence - and further your revenue stream and career in music.

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