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Every pro DJ needs a website, just like every pro musician. From past gigs to current mixes, a DJ website should contain all the essentials to get every DJ heard - and booked for more gigs.


How'd you get started in DJing? Did you go to school, or were you trained by another pro via apprenticeship? What's your style? All of these questions and more should be answered in your bio. Using third person perspective, talk about your inspiration, what kind of events you like to do or have done, and anything else of relevance to your career as a DJ.


Whether you're doing private parties or huge upscale nightclubs, make sure your patrons and fans know what you're up to. Keep a regularly updated list of events where people can come to hear you DJ on your website, and provide details about the event - like cover charges, specials, and other musical guests. Making sure your events section is up to date will encourage more people to turn up to your gigs - and tell their friends to do the same.

In addition, keep a record of past shows you've done up on your website in its own section. This will help promoters, talent scouts, and venue owners see the depth and breadth of your experience as a DJ, and can help establish more regular revenue from your DJing.


If you're looking to get into more lucrative and larger commercial bookings, like arenas, weddings, and large clubs, establish a testimonials or guestbook page. Encourage venues who book you and fans who hear you to leave a brief testimonial about their experience with your work, and to recommend you as a pro DJ. The power of recommendations has never been more important in the arts, and more recommendations almost always translates to more work.

Samples & Music

Make it a point to post some mixes, via video or digital playlist, on your website. Whether this is done via video footage from a gig you've recently spun or just a digital mixtape you've made at home, posting your mixes is an important method for acquainting people with both your style and professional skill.

Likewise, if you've done music mixes for or with performing artists, post those too if you have access to the rights.

Contact Info

Last but not least, ensure that your contact section is up to date and accurate. Promoters, venues, and talent scouts looking to book you will get discouraged rapidly if they have to hunt you down, losing you lots of potential fans and revenue - so don't skimp on contact info!

Whether you're fresh in your career as a DJ or a longtime veteran of the music industry, BandVista has an arsenal of tools to help you take your DJ career to the next level. Check it out today!

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