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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

An electronic press kit, or EPK, is a vital tool to promoting your music, expanding your fanbase, and gaining media coverage - not to mention getting scouted by agents and labels and applying to festivals. Every band and musician should have an EPK, and they're easy to make! Here's what should go in your band's EPK.

Music Samples

Among the items in your EPK should be music samples. Include at least two but no more than five, and make sure they're the best you have to offer across the scope of your discography. If you've produced a lot of material this can make selection easier; but if you're still working on your debut or have only released a single album, choose what you feel are the best tracks you've produced to date. Either way, what you choose should display the best of your musicianship, playing technique, and lyricism (if applicable).

Biography (Short & Long)

You'll want to include a band biography with your EPK, and you'll also want to write a short form and a long form bio. Your short form should include basic information about each band member, like name and instruments, where the band formed, and what styles of music you play. The long form can go into more detail, such as the band's history and process, discography, collaborations, and future goals. Outlets you submit your EPK to may ask for your long form bio, so make sure you have it on hand!


Make sure you include a set of well-composed and high resolution photographs in your EPK, and make them available for download. These photos may be used by venues and promoters when they're booking your act for shows, and a fair number of fans collect photos of their favorite acts! If you're short on money and can't hire a pro photographer, do the best you can on your own if anyone in your band has a decent eye and a knack for photography.  


A short video or music video can give your EPK a fantastic boost. Ensure that your music video, if you include one, is well-produced and high resolution. You can also use your own equipment to film an introduction video with all the members of your act, and talk about your debut, your discography, your upcoming releases, or tours and shows you're currently organizing. Videos are a great way to provide a quick snapshot of your band's style and goals, so if you're able to, include one!

Contact Info

It's vitally important that you include up to date contact information in your EPK. Choose whatever contact options you feel comfortable with, such as phone number, email, Skype ID, and by whatever other means you'd like to be contacted. This is especially important if you're submitting your EPK to media outlets, as interviews commonly take place via telephone or video chat.

One Sheeter

Your EPK should be able to fit on one page. That includes short form bio, links, contact information, and a photo of the entire band. While you won't necessarily always be submitting your one-sheeter, you will likely be at least occasionally asked for it, so make sure you have one and that it's kept up to date.

EPK Examples

Vandella, based in San Francisco, has a fantastic one-sheeter EPK that includes easily scannable information in a beautiful format. It includes a quality photo of the act as well as their latest album art, upcoming shows, press links, and lots more - all vital information for a band looking to get booked for shows and to get their music sold.

Lady Gaga, one of the most successful pop artists of the 21st century, issues her EPKs completely in video form. The videos include sneak peaks of upcoming or recent releases, tour dates and links to order tickets, and much more - minimal but effective.

BandVista can help you create and perfect your EPK, whether you're a music veteran or just starting out. No matter what stage of your music career you're in, a well-structured EPK is an indispensable method to getting your music heard and expanding your fanbase!


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