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Musicians: Get Your FREE .ME

This week we added .ME as an available domain name to register when publishing with BandVista. More good's a FREE option with any package. 


So who should grab their free .ME?

Solo musicians would be the obvious first choice. BandVista positions itself as the "Band Website Builder" but the fact is solo musicians make up a large part of our customer base. The .ME fits as the primary website for this group. 

Existing members of your band should consider their own .ME. It's a sad reality that bands come and go. They breakup or change members on a regular basis, so why should your work be removed from the web when the old band's website is not renewed or you are wiped clean from it? Maintaining a musician website is easy and ridiculously cheap these days so consider maintaining your own portfolio site long term. Keep it as your online resume for future bands to review and enjoy just maintaining your own musical identity. 


What are the benefits of .ME? 

It's the only domain extension that is truly about YOU, clearly a great base for building a personal brand online. 

The .ME is a great domain to have for a brandable email address your fans won't soon forget. 

Availability is still really good. You are much more likely to get the domain you want here compared to looking at all the taken .COM versions. 


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