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Stay Connected With Newsletters

Staying in touch with fans via email is essential to any artist's success, and that's why we are excited to announce our newsletter feature upgrade. In this blog post, we will go over what's new and how best to use new features.

Before we dive into the fun stuff, keep in mind that to send newsletters, you'll need to set up email using BandVista and your domain name. If you do not have one already, log in to your account and visit the 'Mail' option at the top of your page, selecting 'mailboxes' and then add a mailbox you want to send from. All of your email addresses will be available to send from when setting up your newsletters.

Now that you know what email address you are sending from, it's now important to know who you're sending to. Email subscribers can join your list from your site if you have the newsletter widget enabled. You may also add email addresses by pasting them in or by uploading a CSV file. Make sure when you add the email address on your own, that they are valid subscribers that are expecting to hear from you. 

When adding a CSV file, you may also add custom fields that will allow a more advanced use of your fans both in the newsletter and in future product updates. Your spreadsheet may include first name, last name, email, and physical address. You'll be prompted to match these fields to your list during upload.

Make sure when you add the email address on your own, that they are valid subscribers that are expecting to hear from you. Otherwise, you are spamming, a violation of our terms of service.

Okay, now it's time for the fun stuff! You now have four templated options when sending newsletters, so let's dive right in to what each of them does.

Free Form

The free form option is great for sending plain text email updates to your fans. Customize your emails by adding a featured header image, and if you have your full contact information uploaded to BandVista, add a personal touch by adding the {firstName} wildcard in your introduction to address each of your fans by name.

This option also allows for HTML for custom newsletters you may want to send. To do this, simply click the 'source code' icon in your editor, where you can then paste your HTML. Keep in mind; you are responsible for any third party HTML you use.


As the name suggests, this templated option allows quick and easy delivery of your latest blogs to your fans. Select the blog you would like to email, and this option will automatically insert your text and featured image from the blog post. If you don't have a featured image on the page or want share something different in an email, you can upload a new image.

Upcoming Events

Keeping fans informed on where you'll be playing is probably the most important thing you can do, and this template makes that very easy. This template pulls from your current events calendar, so make sure to send it right away or schedule it once your calendar is up to date. This template shares everything your fans need to know, though links to your events on the page are included.


Releasing a new track, or a new batch of merch ready to be mailed to fans? Send the store template to share items your fans might like to purchase.

We hope you like the new upgrade. If you need help using it or any feedback for us, chat with us online in your builder or give us a call at 1-877-875-4470.

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