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The Band Should Play On

It should come as no surprise that the number one reason we see when a band cancels their website is because the band broke up. Whether someone's ego gets out of check, creative differences build over time or drug abuse interrupts the band's schedule, there's a long list of reasons why bands break up and some probably should.

However, there are plenty of situations when the band should play on.

Being in a band requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Coordinating schedules for ample practice time, hammering out new songs, networking with promoters and booking agents for lucrative gigs, building a fanbase and selling merch are just a few of the tasks that make this industry truly a labor of love.

What if the majority of your band is on the same page, but you have that one "problem member" that just can't seem to get their act together? Why not consider finding a suitable replacement instead of starting a new band from scratch? Finding replacements can be easier than you think with musicians classifieds!

BandVista powered websites come with premium access to the leading musician classifieds site, Search for local musicians, contact them individually or create online auditions, so the musicians come to you.

So how do you start using BandMix Premier Membership? If you don't already have a BandMix account, you'll need to sign up for one here or if you're outside of the United States, at the version of the site that serves your area. BandMix provides service to numerous countries across the globe!

Linking your BandMix site to your BandVista account is easy. Simply log in to your BandVista site builder, click the "Site" button at the top of your dashboard and select "Link BandMix". There you'll be able to log in and automatically upgrade services at no additional charge.

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