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The Finish Line: Organizing an Album Release

You've spent months – maybe even years – producing your material. Countless hours have been logged in the practice room, in the studio, or at your machine. But after that big push, there are always some loose ends that have to be tied up. Whether this is your first studio release or your twentieth, check out these tips that can help you organize a studio release.

Make a Spreadsheet

For those who are visually oriented, making a spreadsheet of the album can be an enormous help. In the first column, list each track – preferably in the order you want for the final release. In succeeding columns, list components of each track – vocals, keys, guitars, and subcategories like keyboard notation, vocals recording, and the like – and mark where each phase is at in production. This will help keep you on task and let you know at a glance where the album is in terms of completion – which means no nasty surprises if you realize you forgot to do something critical near the album deadline.

Make a Promotions List

Once your album is complete, you're going to want start promoting it. Whether you use an app like Wunderlist or just a straight word processing program, make a list of magazines, online publications, promoters, DJs, and radio stations that you want to receive your album – whether in digital or hard copy format. Write down the physical or email addresses of each outlet and check off each one as you send out material. You'll want to start generating your list a couple of months before you finish your album – and once it's complete, you can probably finish materials submission inside an afternoon.

Start Generating Buzz

Although you'll want to announce your commencement of making a new album almost as soon as you begin, start generating an online buzz a few months in advance of the release. Getting your fan base excited about what you're going to release can take many forms – you might post promo images from a music video you're producing for the album, or offer up a free downloadable track from it. Once your album drops, you'll want to have cultivated a sense of excitement over what you've produced – which will generally mean better album sales.

Organize a CD Release Party or Concert

Starting around the same time you start generating buzz about your new album, start looking around for promoters or venues that will help you organize a CD release party or concert. Talk with other bands and artists and get them on board to present a well-rounded bill, or talk with local promoters and see what their recommendations are. CD release parties are great opportunities to sell albums – especially if you offer an exclusive discount to folks who purchase your new album at the CD release party.

Organizing the release of a new album can seem daunting, but these four tips will help you break down the process – and release your new album with panache and style.


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