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Try the New Design: RADIUM

Powering your website with BandVista means you're always in style. With hundreds of designs available, and more coming each month, you can easily update your site with the latest look for no additional fees.

We are excited to introduce RADIUM.

Like so many current sites these days, RADIUM features full-screen header image. Use our stock photos or your own. Consider using the built-in filter tool to customize your image!

Subpages have abbreviated header images, offering a good look while making your content priority. For a custom look, try adding a different image for each page.

RADIUM comes with your choice of white or black body background colors.

RADIUM's nav sits at the bottom of the screen in clear view above the fold. As your fans explore further down the site, navigation will scroll, sticking in place at the top for easy reference when ready to move to the next page.

Like all BandVista designs, RADIUM is fully responsive and look great in on all devices. Desktop, tablet all phones and browsers are fully optimized.

Ready to give RADIUM a try but not sure you want to abandon the current look? Select this new design from your control panel and preview the look before you publish. Change your website design any number of times until you find the right look for you.

Your musician-run support team is here to help. Email or call for any help you need!

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