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Vocal Recording The Perfect Microphone For Under $300

The professional recording studios spend thousands of dollars on vocal microphones. The good news is, you can get the same outstanding results for under $300 in your home recording studio. Here are 3 of the best vocal microphones for under $300.

Sure SM58

This microphone is the king of vocal microphones. It would be hard to find one live venue or one recording studio in the world that does not have a box of SM58s. This microphone is the perfect all-rounder. It sounds great with vocals, it will make any guitar cab sound good and they work fantastic on snare drums. If you ever need a good all-around studio microphone, this should always be the first choice.

The SM58 is primarily a microphone for live performances, but they do have a place in the studio. You will get an even, balanced vocal track. If you add some subtle effects, such as compression and a noise gate, you will get a crisp, live sounding vocal track. The best thing about the SM58 is you can use it for anything and they cost under $100!

Sure SM78

Everybody wants to a be a rock-star. This microphone has been the go-to microphone for studio rock vocals since the early 1970s. The frequency response is a lot wider than the SM58. The frequency is also flat and will primarily pickup the mid-frequency ahead of anything else. The SM58 was developed to be the perfect all-rounder. The SM78 has been built for vocals.

You will find the SM78 in radio stations and vocal booths all over the world. The SM78 has gone through some serious development since the first models in the 1970s. The basic elements of the microphone remain the same. However, the shielding has been vastly improved to reduce any interference from other electrical sources such as your PC monitor or broadband router. The SM78 costs just under $400.

SE Electronics SE2200a II

This is not a name you will remember, but this is a serious microphone considering it costs under $300. The large diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser microphone is a bit of a beast. If you have never played with the different wave patterns, you can switch between on a quality condenser microphone. You will hear the difference in your vocals before you add any studio effects.

A good quality vocal microphone makes all the difference to your vocals, so all of them are a wise investment. The microphones listed all sell for under $300 new. You will also find many available secondhand, allowing you to save even more money.

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